Born in 1932, G. G. Rochfort’s photographic career never really got started.

In 1959, this recently graduated Australian civil engineer was dispatched to the United States by his employer (The Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Authority). His task was to learn about how best to build dams, tunnels and the like as Australia was embarking on it’s most ambitious post-war, nation building project — the Snowy Mountains Scheme and Rochfort’s job was to observe and report back.

What drove G. G. Rochfort to document his time in the US photographically can partly be attributed to the pride and excitement of being the first in his family to travel to the US from his home in Australia.

All those who view these images agree that he successfully documented his travels for family and friends back home. Once back in Australia with the excitement of his US adventures subsiding, the images were carefully stored. It wasn’t until some 55 years later that the collection was re-discovered and is now being enjoyed by lovers of film photography, Americana and nostalgia.

A book documenting the entire archive is underway and will be released in late 2018.


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